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The village of Loutra is renowned for its thermal springs, which were frequented by King Otto and Queen Amalia during the 19th century. Today there is a thriving hydrotherapy centre with organized facilities. Groundwater, rich in salts, sulfur and iron, provides warm bathing with healing properties for various conditions. There are 2 sources of thermal springs, the first is 38 oC degrees and the other 52 oC.


For trekking enthusiasts, the island offers an extensive network of paths and trails which have remained unchanged for generations. You will wander through mountainous landscapes, beaches, old windmills, hidden coves and intriguing antiquities on paths between the characteristic dry-stone walls (xerolithia) of Kythnos. We specialized on hiking, contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information for a self or guided hiking tour on the island.


Diving centres at Loutra, which supply the necessary equipment, are lead by professional instructors (PADI). The most fascinating diving site of the island is Agios Sostis, with at least 7 different diving sites. You can plan a diving session at Loutra beach for a pleasant and safe experience, whether you are a certified diver or would like to try scuba diving for the first time.


When visiting the village of Dryopida you will also discover the Katafyki cave, one of the largest in Greece, unveiling impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites.


Discover Kythnos’ history by visiting the archaeological sites of the island, such as the archeological site of Maroulas, the castle of Oria, Vryokastro and the Folklore and Byzantine Museum in Dryopida

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